if you look at it differently -there is always more...

spiral productions

live | 360º | immersive | multimedia | multidimensional | multiple-perspective | multilayered

we believe in pushing creativity.

specialising in conceptualising and implementing live, theatrical, multi-media experiences...


Creating in more dimensions...

In an era where “experiences” are becoming more and more crucial to engagement – whether it is in the retail sector, or the entertainment sector – Josh understands the “experiential economy” completely.
— Dion Chang, Founder, Flux Trends.

He is able to blur the lines between traditional emotive theatre and the new frontiers of digital story telling. He manages to converge both worlds into seamless experiences that enthral, and perhaps more importantly, transport audiences into parallel universes where disbelief is suspended.

In a world suffering from bombardment stress, this is a rare talent.
— Dion Chang, Founder, Flux Trends.

We believe in finding solutions... 

in the most creative ways possible -For the production &, For an audience.

It is our intention to challenge an audience's perspective!

-To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something',

but experience it.

The revert you presented was right on the mark in meeting the objectives of our brief to you -Both from a creative and practical point of view.
— Philip Morris South Africa

Our shows are made by heartbeats!

Beautiful people, committed to the vision, breathing life into each beast!

And, moment by moment makes an offering to our audiences!

Thank you

to every soul who journeys with me.