It would be trite to say that Josh “thinks out of the box...
I prefer to say that Josh has the ability to reimagine the entire packaging.
— Dion Chang – Founder, Flux Trends.

Creating in more dimensions.

inspired by the potential to move an audience

if you look at it differently -there is always more...

spiral productions

live | 360º | immersive | multimedia | multidimensional | multiple-perspective | multilayered

Josh Lindberg has an original mind and his productions are exceptionally crafted. It is my considerable opinion that he has broken new ground in his profession and he sets new standards for all to follow.
— Dr Alexander (Alex) Lionel Boraine -Member of Parliament. Vice Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, author, Recipient of the South Government's National Award in 2014.

His work in South Africa and abroad is justly acclaimed.
Josh Lindberg is highly active in the support and encouragement of young South Africans, from all walks of life, to the magical entertainment world that is theatre and film.
— Pieter Toerien -South Africa's foremost theatre impresario.

We believe in finding solutions... 

in the most creative ways possible -For the production &, For an audience.

Spiral Productions… a taste.

Mr Lindberg tackles all his projects in a grand and
fearless scale.
He displays an amazing ability to manage and direct large and varied groupings of people toward his vision for his productions.
— Craig Morris -Independent Theatre-Maker.

most recently...

Viu South africa Launch 2019

An immersive, tangible video interactive environment…

-Taking the audience on a journey INTO the world of the Viu App.

the House of Horrors Bad Dream

a LIVE, fully immersive, interactive, multi-media, multi-dimension, multiple layered, multi-perspective, tangible, experiential HORROR show...


We were truly impressed with the comprehensive thought that you put into the concept for the Commercial Academy from the word go.
I know that it is tremendously difficult to handle the logistics for 200+ people and think you did an amazing job in ensuring that flights, hotels, transfers, etc. were all in order for our staff.
— -Philip Morris South Africa.



neuland mysterium


An extraordinary show experience…

An orgy of the senses.

Renowned Icelandic band, GusGus.

Russian video pioneers; Sila Sveta.

UK food alchemists; Bompas & Parr.

Vision, Taste, Sound…

A dynamic ensemble of live performers, surrounded by a 360 degree projection, combined to transport & immerse the audience into neuland Mysterium.


-SA Launch 

The Dome -Northgate Johannesburg,

The Bellville Velodrome -Cape Town.

An incredible, multi-dimensional, discovery, live experience.

A uniquely-architecturally-unfolding space for the guests -as they were left to discover various "IQOS" letter-shaped rooms of taste and design delights.

The show/reveal took the audience by surprise as they were immersed into a 360º performance/visual space.

"a square peg CAN fit into a round hole" 

& "This changes everything"!


SAFTAs 2014

-An open and all surrounding approach to the stage design. Celebrating two decades of freedom meant the opportunity to bring film and television to life -live on stage.

Celebrating 20 years of the industry’s achievement through every aspect of the show –From the script to the entertainment.

This year the SAFTA's celebrated the nominees and winners as "one community" -With the show becoming part of the audience space, the audience surrounding the work and the work surrounding us all.

Celebrated across the stage,

& spread all over the multiple interactive screen surfaces & set shapes.

SAFTAs 2015

This show was made by heartbeats! Beautiful people, committed to the vision, breathed life into this beast.

A full immersive, 360º experience,

-both for the live, & TV audiences.

Inclusive of, & celebrating ALL who work on creating our film & TV stories.

The concept, corresponding venue setup, acts and AV’s created a powerful metaphor for us to convey the message we intended to communicate to our team.
— -Philip Morris South Africa.

Specialises in finding something to take an audience by surprise…

-Conceptualising immersive, tangible, live, experiential, theatrical shows.