What qualities set some people apart from their more mediocre fellow men & women?
They are courage, determination and foresights -attributes which Josh Lindberg has in abundance.
— Percy Tucker -Three time, South African Theatre Lifetime Achievement winner.

Creative director Josh Lindberg

Specialises in finding something to take an audience by surprise…

-Conceptualising immersive, tangible, live, experiential, theatrical shows.

...Strategising around brand communication,

Importantly, through creating unique experiences.

His other specialities are:

Performance direction,

Script writing,

Stage, Screen & Set Design, 

&, Production.

“…Exciting an audience,

seeing an audience moved,

&, Offering each, a new perspective…

-fuels me”.

Hi talent as a director and designer is clear to see. But his skill goes beyond even that. HI tireless creative input is seldom seen, and almost never matched -in all departments. This makes him and all-round asset to any production and ranks him with the best practitioners I know.
— Mannie Manim -Producer, director & lighting designer, awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver for his excellent skills in theatre lighting design & administration, his practical and technical contribution to theatre in South Africa & the field of art.

Born into an entertainment family;

working professionally for over 25 years as a producer, creative director & designer in theatre, film, live television & live events,

-The theatres of South Africa were his playgrounds.

Director, Theatre…

Josh Lindberg has Creative Directed multiple, large scale, multi-media, immersive, site-specific, live experiential theatrical events...

He won FNB Vita Theatre Awards for:

Best Director,

&, Best Set Designer,

-For his production of "Birdy".

The production was nominated for a total of eleven awards that year,

-Including, winning the “Best Production” award.

He has directed numerous other theatre productions.

Director, Television…

Josh Lindberg was the Creative Director on:

SAFTAs 2014 & 2015.

The Metro FM Awards 2011 & 2016.

&, The South African National Sports Awards.

He directed and co-created the highly successful television production of:

"Play TV" on SABC3.

&, Was one of the Content Directors on the hit television shows:

"The Block on MNET.

"Big Brother SA II" on MNET.

I have only experienced an integrity and commitment to the craft of theatre production and theatrical technique.
He has tremendous experience, in this field and engages in his practice with uttermost fidelity and care both to the productions he engages in and to his fellow artists.
— Dr. Myer Taub, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance, Course Lecturer B.A. Hons, MA, PhD.

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