Creative director Josh Lindberg

Specialises in finding something to take an audience by surprise…

-Conceptualising immersive, tangible, live, experiential, theatrical shows.

...Strategising around brand communication,

Importantly, through creating unique experiences.

His other specialities are:

Performance direction,

Script writing,

Stage, Screen & Set Design, 

&, Production.

“…Exciting an audience,

seeing an audience moved,

&, Offering each, a new perspective…

-fuels me”.

Born into an entertainment family;

working professionally for over 25 years as a producer, creative director & designer in theatre, film, live television & live events,

-The theatres of South Africa were his playgrounds.

Director, Theatre…

Josh Lindberg has Creative Directed multiple, large scale, multi-media, immersive, site-specific, live experiential theatrical events...

He won FNB Vita Theatre Awards for:

Best Director,

&, Best Set Designer,

-For his production of "Birdy".

The production was nominated for a total of eleven awards that year,

-Including, winning the “Best Production” award.

He has directed numerous other theatre productions.

Director, Television…

Josh Lindberg was the Creative Director on:

SAFTAs 2014 & 2015.

The Metro FM Awards 2011 & 2016.

&, The South African National Sports Awards.

He directed and co-created the highly successful television production of:

"Play TV" on SABC3.

&, Was one of the Content Directors on the hit television shows:

"The Block on MNET.

"Big Brother SA II" on MNET.

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