SAFTAs -2014

Produced by: Clive Morris Productions (CMP) -In Partnership with: The DAC, The NFVF, SABC, eTV & Mzansi Magic Line Producer: Olga Grigorova Creative Director: Josh Lindberg TV Director: Clive Morris AV Graphics: Solid Black, CMP, Andrew Kayser & Daniel Black Technical: Gearhouse Lighting Designed by: Robert Grobler Stage Designed by: Michael Gill Musical Director: Victor Masondo Choreographer: Harold van Buuren

MC’s: Alan Committie & Tumi Morake

Starring: Pretty Yende, Ishmael, Professor, Oskido, Uhuru, Mahotela Queens, Chiano Sky, Zoe & Mi Casa...

SAFTAs 2014 -An open and all surrounding approach to live TV & stage design for television…

Celebrating two decades of freedom meant the opportunity to bring film and television to life -live on stage. Celebrating 20 years of the industry’s achievement through every aspect of the show –From the script to the entertainment.

This year the SAFTA's celebrated the nominees and winners as “one community".

-With the show becoming part of the audience space,

The audience surrounding the work,

&, The work we honour, surrounding us all.

Celebrated on the multiple interactive screen surfaces & stage-set shapes.

SAFTAs 2014 Opening AV

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