SAFTAs -2015

South African Film & Television awards.

Produced by: Clive Morris Productions (CMP). In Partnership with: The DAC, The NFVF, SABC 2, eTV & Mzanzi Magic. Conceived by & Creative Director: Josh Lindberg. TV Director: Sean Pearce. Written by: Dom Gumede, Genna Lewis & Josh Lindberg. Line Producer: Jennifer Mostert. AV Graphics: Solid Black, Andrew Kayser & Jan Potgieter Daniel Black. Technical: Gearhouse & LED Vision. Stage Design: Michael Gill. Set Construction: SDS. Musical Director: Victor Masondo. Choreographer: Harold van Buuren. Lighting Designer: Robert Grobler.

MC: Loyiso Gola.

Starring: AKA, The Soil, Mdu, Abigail Kubeka, Trompies, Crazy White Boy, DJ Fisherman, Dream Team, Big Naz, Jack Parrow, Khuli Chana &  Moneoa.

SAFTAs 2015 Celebrating the storytellers as part of the show concept & experience...

Placing the audience (both at home watching on TV & those in the venue) WITHIN the audio visual & live stage environment. A 306º stage design...

Screens overhead, built into the stage, wrapped around the sides of the audience.

-Inspired by the storyboard of each script & the images reflected in the history of a “Zoetrope”

-Sharing each story -Recognising all who have created each production.

-Wrapped around us all!

SAFTAs 2015

Opening AV…

if you look at it differently -there is always more...

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