South Africa Launch Event 2017

this changes everything…

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg Witten & Conceived by: Josh Lindberg Produced by: Salute AV & Camera Director: Anton Opperman, Triggerfinger Technical: Gearhouse Final Mix: Rocketsound

IQOS Product Reveal

The Dome -Northgate Johannesburg & The Bellville Velodrome -Cape Town

An incredible, live, multi-dimensional, discovery, live experience...

An architecturally continually unfolding space for the guests...

As they were left to discover various "IQOS letter-shaped rooms” of taste and design delights.

The show/reveal took the audience by surprise as they were immersed into a 360º performance/visual space...

A world of -kinetic LED & projection screens (moving overhead), more large, unique format surrounding LED screens, a massive Kabuki pillar-cloth screen in the centre and, eventually a kinetic (lifting/lowering/splitting in half) enormous, shimmering, 9-meter diameter, metal truss-sphere, revealed from within that Kabuki cloth.

This experience continually surprised our audience with the conceptual approach of

..."a square peg CAN fit into a round hole"


..."This changes everything"!

if you look at it differently -there is always more...

spiral productions

live | 360º | immersive | multimedia | multidimensional | multiple-perspective | multilayered