neuland Mysterium

Client: Major International Brand. Executive Producer: Josh Lindberg. Produced by: 3:0 DREINULL Agentur für mediatainment, & battleROYAL GmbH.

Creative Direction OVERVIEW: Josh Lindberg.

In collaboration with:

Renowned Icelandic band GusGus,

Video pioneers Sila Sveta from Russia,

&, British food alchemists Bompas & Parr.

1 NIGHT | An incredible experience | 2000 guests | an orgy of the senses…


DJ & Artistes:.

DJ Rodriguez Jr., MEUTE, DJ Phonique, Ian Pooley, Jamie Jones, Jazzuelle, Rico Loop, Detroit Swindle, Metodi Hristov, 16 dancers, a 20 person choir, aerialists, GusGus &, 2000 participating guests… extraordinary show experience

created within the exceptional location at the heart of Berlin,

the spectators explored numerous experimental rooms and levels

themed by Vision, Taste and Sound.

-Then a dynamic ensemble of 16 performers, dancers, flying acrobatics

and a choir of 20 singers, surrounded by 360 degree projection,

combined to transport the audience literally to another world.

Photographs: © Marcel Schwickerath, © Marcus Zumbansen, © Lovis Dengler © Ostenrik, © Frederic Lumail, © Brendan Shelper & © Josh Lindberg.

an orgy of the senses... a hero's journey...

if you look at it differently -there is always more...

spiral productions

live | 360º | immersive | multimedia | multidimensional | multiple-perspective | multilayered