South africa Launch 2019

-a spiral productions production

Viu South Africa Launch Highlights 2019.

Creative Direction: Josh Lindberg. Conceived & Written by: Josh Lindberg. Produced by: Spiral Productions. Stage Manager: Craig Morris. Set Design: Josh Lindberg. Senior Line Producer: Olga Grigorova. Camera Director/AV/Graphics: Anton Opperman -Triggerfinger. Technical: AV Unlimited. Lighting Designer: Josh Cutts -Visual Frontier. Final Mix: Jeremy Elwell -Rocket Sound.

Spiral Productions was honoured to be entrusted with the South Africa Launch of Viu 2019.

We created an immersive, tangible video interactive environment -Taking the audience on a journey INTO the world of the Viu App.

The live stage, screen and spacial design allowed us to offer the audience a 360 degree experience as each story wrapped around, through and within them... Giving us a taste of the stories contained within Viu.

Viu is a video on demand App. Giving you instant access to all your favourite dramas, comedies, horror and more! Watch hit South African TV shows from eTV, SABC & 16 other international markets -As well as many new Viu Originals.

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