Hollard Insurance


-The Northgate Dome -Johannesburg

Hoscar Awards, Company Conference, Gala dinner

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg. Conceived & Written by: Josh Lindberg. Designed by: James Macnamara (JDM). Produced by: Spiral Productions  & Four D Marketing Solutions. Producer: Olga Grigorova. AV graphics: The Project. Aerial Rigging: Action Safety. Technical: AV Unlimited.

-As told in an amazing full colour, spectacle of sensual, wondrous and fearless madness!

Starring: John Vlismas, Nicholas Nicolaidis, Tony Bentel, Sue Pam Grant, Craig Morris, Cito, Gina Schmukler, Wilmoth, Lloyd Kandlin, Tsogt, Hrdtyme Productions Aerial Perfromers and Dancers, Terence Brigit, Dr. Victor and & Rasta Rebels.

The “Hollardville” show was written, & uniquely created for Hollard insurance,

-As a theatrical musical-circus-story of “fearlessness”.

All branding, marketing, & relevant company information was researched and written into a show script. The experience existed as a multimedia, multi-dimensional, large-scale “Vaudeville-Musical” with live performers and AV content working together.

The larger event space unfolded and was revealed, area by area -as the night progressed…

Firstly, a Burlesque-type theatre,

Then, into a massive 1000-seater, single long-table-gala banquet,

&, Lastly, a party, playground -fairground, filled with full-scale funfair rides...

Hollardville 2012…

if you look at it differently -there is always more...

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