-A6 South Africa Launch

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg Conceived & written by: Josh Lindberg Produced by: Blue Moon Corporate Communications AV graphics: The Project Technical: Strike Productions

Starring: Antony Coleman, Juanita du Plessis & Aerial artistes.

An immersive, live-performer/AV/live-camera,

-Interactive experiential environment for the audience…

The show was designed & staged within a large “box” of screens.

The performance space existed within the audiovisual “box space” -In multiple-dimensions, around, over and above the audience.

What we achieved for the audience was a tangible experience with a mix of wrap around AV content and live performance.

The live acts and AV content worked together to create a multi-perspective offering for the audience –All elements were produced and designed to showcase the car’s features in an artistic, theatrical and creative, yet informative way with live camera offering further dimensions to the emotive overall experience.

Audi A6 SA Launch 2007.

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